Why Choose Managed Computer Security…

Do you really want to learn all of the configuration settings and options that come with enterprise security tools? Wouldn’t you rather focus on what you are passionate about? Isn’t that why you went into business? Don’t you think you should be focused on building your business instead of working on IT challenges?

Managed Computer Security (MCS) is passionate about providing enterprise-grade computer security to small businesses, small offices/home offices, AFFORDABLY.  At MCS, we have tailored our solutions to the unique needs and budgets of these markets.

Most security providers started out working in enterprise IT departments and will try to “fit” you into traditional enterprise tools and techniques. Since 2003 MCS has specialized in serving small businesses clients.

MCS has a solid understanding of small business and that gives us a distinct edge in selecting the best solutions to meet your specific needs. In many cases, small businesses and home offices are more mobile-centric (and dynamic) than larger businesses. Implementing a traditional large, rigid business strategy to protect your small business just doesn’t make any sense at all.

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